Sunday, May 25, 2008

sketchy happenings

havent had time to devote to personal projects yet. been having to work a lot to pay for this place. I am not gonna be on the farm because it wont pay to cover both semesters, hardly even one, so im gonna stick around here. hurray for seein old friends at least. along with doing that ive been having time for quick sketches, and been practicing guitar. not nearly enough but whatever time will allow. james bergdorf is the man, i am trading him the tree sculpture thing for guitar lessons. bartering artwork is awesome. hope to have some good stuff up soon, but a certain someone arriving from an earthy crunchy hippy pilgrimage may prove a formidable distraction...
my next project is is a flip book spanning off of that sparrow sketch which i may shoot and animate. then i think maybe some small paintings of planes, plains, war and stuff. i geuss do make say think gives you loud thoughts. go have some loud thoughts

Monday, May 19, 2008

day tripper

today has been a long day and a good day. not related to art, but i dont care. i bought a guitar. i have wanted one for a while but didnt go much past freestyling on diatonic harmonica when it came to music. the takamine gs430s. its beautiful and sounds awesome. not a beginner guitar at all, but i am not planning to buy another guitar till this one's splinters so... Learnign to play i figure will be a side project this summer, and hopefully i can stay in love forever. Jared and Luke came to guitar center with me and taught me some stuff, they are good friends. i almost got 4 notes of day tripper down, thanks guys. sweet.

Friday, May 16, 2008


reviews happended today. good stuff, got some useful feedback. today has been a good, long day, and it wont be over for a while. a shot when i was almost done setting up

hope everyone had a good tme and is doing alright

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

reviews in the distance

by distance i mean friday. i am done with everything. so basically ive been being a good for nothing, playing frisbee and sketching. heres a sketch:

special thanks to micah for giving one of my sparrows the gift of speech.
also, here's the fan i made for illustration I. the assignment was very vaguely "to make asian imagery" or somehting like that. it all kind came together at the last minute but i like it enough. probly because of that recurring deer. i got away with putting the heisenburg uncertainty principle on the back.
Also.that same micah has put something very cool together, you should get down if your on the 9th floor a bunch.
If your reading this, take my advice and dont abuse your body. eat, SLEEP, and remember that reviews aren't a big deal. if your stuff is good, no one will care how perfectly matted it is or whatever. if they do fuck them. in the butt. unless they like it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


et voila!

bad photo, had to catch the last t. maybe more photos later if decide to pump up the paintings. be well

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the box

So this is where i got to last night. the only thing i have left is to get more american poseur bamboo for the bottom. I want to feel like the painting is done, i kind of want the minimal, found in a dumpster look.
Final image when done tonight? Have a sunny day.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The new blog

So this is the new blog. In lieu of paying for a web address, I'll see how this sharing my art online thing goes, and if its good I'll fork out for a website. Sounds good to me. So to be official and start it up, here is some process work for my human figure in illustration class. It is coming along well, hopefully I'll keep consistent with posting and the final product will be up to view in a couple of days.
Get some rest ya'll. Hyuck.