Wednesday, May 14, 2008

reviews in the distance

by distance i mean friday. i am done with everything. so basically ive been being a good for nothing, playing frisbee and sketching. heres a sketch:

special thanks to micah for giving one of my sparrows the gift of speech.
also, here's the fan i made for illustration I. the assignment was very vaguely "to make asian imagery" or somehting like that. it all kind came together at the last minute but i like it enough. probly because of that recurring deer. i got away with putting the heisenburg uncertainty principle on the back.
Also.that same micah has put something very cool together, you should get down if your on the 9th floor a bunch.
If your reading this, take my advice and dont abuse your body. eat, SLEEP, and remember that reviews aren't a big deal. if your stuff is good, no one will care how perfectly matted it is or whatever. if they do fuck them. in the butt. unless they like it.

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dave c. said...

Hey Mike, it's Dave C. I'd just like to say how excellent these sparrow drawing/paintings are. Really beautiful. You make some inspiring stuff, so stay inspired, and keep on rocking in the free world.