Friday, May 16, 2008


reviews happended today. good stuff, got some useful feedback. today has been a good, long day, and it wont be over for a while. a shot when i was almost done setting up

hope everyone had a good tme and is doing alright


Adam Tibbets said...

Hey Michael, How's it going?
Man you had a lot to show at reviews, looks good. How did it go for you? Who'd you end up getting for reviewers?

Adam Tibbets said...

I'd had O'malia as well I think it's kinda hard to read her signature but I think thats what it said. I had Donesky and Woijech for my other reviews. Overall it went well.
Right on man, i dont mind at all, I'll add your link to my blog as well. Yeah I figured it was about time I get to blogging, I've had one for a while, just never kept up with it until now.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you are a fucking beast, your review space was ridiculous