Sunday, May 25, 2008

sketchy happenings

havent had time to devote to personal projects yet. been having to work a lot to pay for this place. I am not gonna be on the farm because it wont pay to cover both semesters, hardly even one, so im gonna stick around here. hurray for seein old friends at least. along with doing that ive been having time for quick sketches, and been practicing guitar. not nearly enough but whatever time will allow. james bergdorf is the man, i am trading him the tree sculpture thing for guitar lessons. bartering artwork is awesome. hope to have some good stuff up soon, but a certain someone arriving from an earthy crunchy hippy pilgrimage may prove a formidable distraction...
my next project is is a flip book spanning off of that sparrow sketch which i may shoot and animate. then i think maybe some small paintings of planes, plains, war and stuff. i geuss do make say think gives you loud thoughts. go have some loud thoughts

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Anonymous said...

that is really cool. I think that one day you will become a famouse artist, the pictures are amazing.