Saturday, June 14, 2008

fathers day

i made my dad something for fathers day. making it reminds me how much i love him. he is a wonderful, selfless person who has taught me a lot about being good. it's a really personal piece, but i will share anyways because it's my work and thats what this blog is about. also, he wont see this early because he cant use the internet that well/at all.

Happy Fathers Day. Go tell your father how much you love him.


Anonymous said...

Like it a lot, I should prolly post the painting I did for my Pops on here at some point too. Btw, how do I join the 9th floor blog spot so I can post there?

Cole said...

I love you Michael Keselman.

Cole Swavely said...

Hey what's the deal with helping Luanne out this summer? Did she ever find her Vespa?