Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a mean harp

joanna newsom plays one. here she is, along with two other sketchy little things.

did these to use the leftover oils i had from making my cousin a bdaypresent. i like them probly more than it came out. which is fine since the wet, oily thing got ruined in the trunk on the way to be present-ed. so i will redo it and make it good. maybe images later. other than that just been sketching not as much as i should. i love going to work, minus the no time to make work part.

in other news, i found a bike in awesome repairable condition, awesome because i was gonna build a racing bike out of old parts this summer. kiki approved:


Anonymous said...

I really like the car dealer painting a lot. I love the highlights on the building's letters.

From the screencap it almost looks like the sign on the bike says "Fail." Kinda funny cuz my folks have a bunch of english racers in our basement which they keep pointing to when I say I want to get a new mountain bike. I'm not riding one of those dork-mobiles around town.

A. Rouse said...

joanna's monster harp-arms are very accurate, great job.

and, nice ride.