Friday, June 27, 2008

south shore sketch sessions

this post comes a little late. last monday was the first weekly south shore sketch sessions, or S4. a little somthin somethin put together by two coolios named andrew and andrea. check it out, become a memebr, and go. fun had by all. there was guitar playing, music listening and sharing, eating, drinking of age-appropriate beverages and laughter. oh yea, also some figure drawing.

some that i did.


Cole Swavely said...

You're beautiful and awesome.

So I have this idea for an animation I think we should do next year/this summer.

It's basically a music video to the song "Deadweight" by Beck, and the animation is our heads (floating, side by side, white background), singing the song, and occasionally the screen will be split with animations of us playing trumpet, guitar, and keyboard. Here's the original video (so you can listen to the song).

Tell me what you think, I'll get sketches up later.

Micah Dudash said...


looks good brother.

know you've got a welcome mat in vermont if you ever feel like heading north.

God's love,