Tuesday, June 2, 2009

im going to bonarroo on the 7th. suck it

  • Degree project coming along. i cant wait to whale on it. I mean wail. No I dont.

The neck is almost there. I still have to:
  1. finish carving the headstock
  2. inlays
  3. hammer in the frets
  4. cut, slot and glue the nut in
  5. mirror finish sanding
  6. tung oil finish

body with final design sketch. pick cavity and neck pocket routed. ready for carving.

design for the electronic cavity plate on the back. it will be a kind of relief carving. its a baby whale for mama whale to keep warm. i'm gay.

routed out electronic cavity. i still have to dremmel out the thinner bits

the woodshop didn't let me do what i wanted with their router, so i used my buddys in his garage. thanks alexi.

  • Summer sketch session is happening again. Everyones invited. 1st night happend last night. thanks ben for hosting, next night is friday night probly at andrew and andreas in allston

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